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Art Chall - Kunstenares Chris Allaerts uit Herentals

About Art Chall

Hey, I’m Chris Allaerts from Herentals (Belgium) and I like to live my creative life within the project ART CHALL. I love to create, combine colors and materials and bring ideas to life through art. Every piece of art consists of layers, just like our personalities. With a lot of love and care I like to create a work of art.

art is a lasting challenge
chris allaerts

Each work of art is a challenge to create and begins from what my eye perceives. Where art meets seeing. Follow my life’s journey in the art world through social media and stay up to date of all the inspiration and works.

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Art Chall - Kunstenares Chris Allaerts uit Herentals

creativity is a wild mind &

a disciplined eye

Be the reason someone smiles today

Never stop being yourself. I live by the motto of being the reason for a smile and that every day. Making people happy and contributing to a rich life of others gives me immense satisfaction.

Art Chall - Kunstenares Chris Allaerts uit Herentals

Some of my projects

Get inspired by some realizations. At ART CHALL, each work of art is custom-made. No work is the same, they are all unique – a pièce unique. Curious to see more? Check the social media for more realizations.

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love is the drug - i love my job

Each artwork is delivered highly personally by Chris. Packaged in felt sleeves and with secure transportation, ART CHALL guarantees that each artwork will arrive perfectly. A work is only left when it is in harmony with the space and the client is 100% satisfied.

Art Chall - Kunstenares Chris Allaerts uit Herentals

- lunar day -

- City -

- Feather -

- Mini Moonshades -

- Razor Coral -

- Isla -

- Sea Spark -

- Utah -

- unconditional love -

- isabelle -

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Do you feel a connection to any of my projects or artworks? Or would you like to give your opinion or findings? If so, please fill out this contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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